I think that the rain is unbiased, and the recipient of this downfall has the option to accept this or yell at the clouds his whole life.


We should strive to live like the moon. Vibrant, not as our own light, but as the carriers of something greater than us.

Short Poems

Untitled –

This moon bleeds light, atop a dream filled land,
but most sleep amidst the sun, that’s how dreams kill man.


Untitled –

Staring at clocks watching cold syrup drip along these so arrogant numbers.
Bleeding minutes like time as a child.


I miss you like the sunrise –

I miss you like the sunrise
Winter nights became reality’s home,
Snowmen stand here like soldiers of Rome,
My tears freeze before they kiss the wind,
I think of warmth and miss you then,
Since when when did rose petals crack while pondering love,
Dressed in pitch black with this somber sun,
I sit and fish, out of the river Styx,
Catching cold souls with their quivered lips,
They whisper sweet like lemons drip,
And gaze my eyes like Medusa’s gift,
My bait is smiles.
Unhook me, look me not into dusk,
Ease my cuts, and release my lust,
Inhale my words, and breathe my wants,
Let the light marry my eyes,
And let the same inherit the skies.
I miss you like the sunrise.

Where we dwell –

When minds are at war with hearts,
And light is at war with dark,
This is where glory dwells,
Where warriors whisper hymns,
Of blood lost in vain,
Where time twists and bends,
And echoes all our names,
Here is where those diamonds dwell,
Polished in dust.
From swamps to stars, we dreamed far,
They called it far-fetched, we called it ours.
We called them lessons, they called them scars,
They call it blessings, this work was hard,
That is where we dwell.
The past worn as capes, memory as armor,
The karma we bring,
Sings truth to the soul,
Like kings mingling with pawns, or soup in my bowl.
We came from golden slums, and makeshift drums, but our music made the spaceships come,
Navigate our thoughts and sever our tongues, unbound by men, forever we run

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